A Message from the Board of Directors

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord,
all the earth… make a loud
noise and rejoice, and sing praise.”

Psalm 98:4

Standing on the promises of scripture we are reminded that when we gather together in Jesus name, we will be blessed. What an exciting honor to get together for the 21st year, celebrating the Lord’s blessing for the Canadian Gospel Music Celebration. Over the past year the victories and challenges of the Christian walk has taken all of us on paths of discovery, some pleasant and some a bit uncomfortable. For three days, our prayer is that through the ministry of testimonies and powerful music, you will sense a renewed spiritual lift along with comfort and healing for your special needs.

There is no doubt that the word of God (The Bible) has stood the test of time and still gives direction to our daily walk with Him. The interesting strengths of “Harmony Music” is that it brings both excitement and calm. Through dedicated musicians with passion, we are brought to the throne of grace where we can find forgiveness and hope.

As a board, staff and volunteers, we welcome all who attend this year’s Celebration. Our heartfelt passion is that we will all grow stronger in our faith as a result of our time together at the Canadian Gospel Music Celebration 2019.


Gord Reimer & Wayne Dyck


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