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Morning Chapel

9:30 am in the Parkland Pavilion
Pastor Leon Thrones

It has become very evident that chapel at CGMC is our anchor event that keeps us grounded and on track. This special time has become for many a refreshing, spirit filled bible study. Held Friday and Saturday morning at 9:30 am we have great singing and guest musicians to bring us all to the throne of grace for a blessing.

 Pastor Leon Throness returns this year with treasure chest of biblical truths that brings clarity to Gods plan for our lives and a clear path to the plan of salvation. We remind you that this “Uptown Camp Meeting” will refresh and restore heavy hearts with a chuckle or two and new hope for weary travelers on the path of life.


We will be blessed each morning with a featured group to fill out this special time together.  There is no admission charge for these services but you need to come early to get a seat.

Friday's Musical Guests:

Legacy Five

Saturday's Musical Guests:

Mark Trammell Quartet

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