Showcase Spectacular The Centrium @ 1:00 pm

A Piano Extravaganza

                 - Saturday, July 15, 2017

Once again we are delighted to present this 3 grand piano extravaganza. This year it is going to be possible to experience three gifted piano players of gospel music on the

 stage together in concert. Kim Collingsworth will along with Trey Ivey and Stan Whitmire will collectively bring a musical bouquet of heavenly anthems. They will also do solo pieces and share personal experiences as a fulltime piano player.

Trey Ivey is the piano player for Legacy V and in Scott Fowlers eyes…the best. This gifted young man has become a leader in arranging and instructing the techniques for performing piano players. We will enjoy his life’s journey along with his piano playing. Kim Collingsworth of the Collingsworth Family will guide the Showcase with her unusual God given gift. Her commitment to excellence has made her a leading artist with a power packed presentation. Stan Whitmire is no stranger to the Gospel Music world. For over 38 years he has appeared on stages with the Gaither Homecomings, Billy Graham as well as countless groups who call him for assistance. His position in his local church frees him on occasion to travel to all parts of the world. His passionate presentation and versatility on the keyboard will lift your spirits. Collectively these artists are first to give God the glory and you will be blessed and renewed by this “Piano Extravaganza”.

Tickets are required for this Showcase Spectacular”and are available at the CGMC info booth in the exhibition hall or at the Ticket Master window at the entrance of the Centrium Arena.

A Tribute to Hymns & The 2nd Half Quartet
              –   Friday, July 14, 2017

After many positive comments and special requests, we are looking forward to Volume 3 – “A Tribute to Hymns”. The power of these timeless hymns continues to warm our hearts in a special way. This special Showcase when we recall and sing our favorite hymns is truly a highlight of the weekend. Once again Gerald Wolfe brings to life these treasures of truth and strength that we hope will never lose that special spot in our lives. Stan Whitmore will join Gerald along with our special choir that will feature our artists as well.

The “2nd Half Quartet” has gained a presence that has won the attention of music lovers. Mark Trammel,

 Rodney Griffin, Chris Allman, and our special guest, Pat Barker, one of the finest bass singers you’ll hear, form this special group. Gerald Wolfe plays piano and will take us down memory with a selection of quartet style

songs, pure and simple. This unique group will remind us of Cathedral, Statesmen and Blackwood Brothers days. Be sure to ask for one of your favorites.

Tickets are required for this Showcase Spectacular “and are available at the CGMC info booth in the exhibition hall or at the Ticket Master window at the entrance of the Centrium Arena.

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